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Cost Effective
Music Library

The selection and use of a production music library title to serve as an identifiable music bed.  This optimizes both listener recall and entertainment value, as well as creating continuity in both radio and television applications. This is a less cost effective way to get some of the benefit of a custom jingle, at a much lower cost.

Consultation and selection process one-time charge

Why Media Sonics?


*Prices for all packages may vary according to productions complexity. We will be happy to give estimates on a project-by-project basis.


5870 McFarland Rd
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Client Feedback

You are Fantastic! Thanks For the awesome speed! I Love It and So Does My Boss!

I'd be proud to be on your web site. After working with you for 20 years plus, I'm SOLD!!!!

Padi Selwyn
Senior Vice President
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Exchange Bank

Warren is such a professional and a talented one, as well. I know when I work with him on a radio commercial, the end product will be as good as it can be. His discriminating ear, his knowledge of music, and his gift for working with voice talent make him my number one choice for recording. The icing on the cake he is such a great person!

Audrey Giroux
Armstrong Associates
Brand Management and Marketing Communications
Santa Rosa

 Excellent production!
Sounds Great! Terrific choice of music and effects . . . they will be very effective for us.

Jerry McCartan, Marketing Manager, Press Democrat